Hey there! My name’s Andy, and I am a published non-fiction author and an aspiring fiction author. By the way, my author name is AJ Hodges.

Right now, I’m busy working on several short stories and a novel.

I write social science fiction and social realist fiction. Ask me about my current work in progress – a subterranean science fiction novel called The Firecaves.

About AJ Hodges

I own an editorial business called The Narrative Craft. My expertise is in cultural considerations when crafting stories.

The genres I work with most of all are fantasy, science fiction, and horror. I’m also comfortable with coming-of-age stories, social realist fiction, and books with LGBTQ+ themes.

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, where you can find me out in the countryside, in the city centre, or – most likely – huddled over my computer in a cosy place at home.